Developer Services
CMC Group, Inc. works with developers to establish feasible land development solutions and accurate cost and schedule data. For over 40 years, CMC has worked with development companies preparing preliminary documents to market real estate collateral into successful multi-purpose developments.
Property Due Diligence
CMC quotes initial property investigation and feasibility studies to our clients. Upon request, we will perform the services listed below. These services assist our developers with critical information that directs the overall development of the property to the best and most profitable return to our clients.
• Site survey analysis
• Geo-technical services
• Utility locates
• Easement identification
• Retaining/drainage requirements
• Local city/county code requirements
• Design Restrictions, use and zoning analysis
Master Planning

CMC will, with direction from the owner, layout three or more master plans for a single property and review those solutions with the Owner. In collaboration with the developer, CMC will then optimize a solution for the project.

Code Analysis
CMC is familiar with most jurisdictions throughout Colorado and the United States. This comprehensive geographic experience provides CMC with the ability to research both local, state and national code requirements for a certain identified property. We will interview city managers, county representatives and research state codes to determine if a property is suitable for a particular development. Explaining the options of re-zoning a particular property as well as re-platting are all considerations offered to our clients.
Site Development Costing
CMC recognizes that in most projects, the cost of developing the land and infrastructure is the most expensive part of the project. CMC will provide estimating services for all aspects of the property development listed below. Using this information, CMC will accurately price the development of the infrastructure to support multi-site vertical construction.
• Roads
• Curb and Cutter
• Electricity
• Sewer
• Gas
• Water
• Storm
• Tap Fees
• Development Fees
• Taxes
Building Estimating
CMC's core business is design-build and general contracting. Consequently, our internal estimating staff and data base of unit costs is current and well established. Using these costs and our knowledge of the types of construction CMC will accurately estimate the cost of the vertical portion of a development allowing the developer to complete his or her pro forma and calculate return on investment.
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